Are high heels worth the pain?

Are high heels worth the pain?

Slenderfit Ladies fashion orthotics for a high heel. When you think a 7 stone woman can exert 1500 pounds pressure per one-sixteenth of a square inch in high heels v 75 pounds for an elephant! It's no wonder our feet get sore in high heels! Achilles' tendons and calf muscles become tight due to operating under cramped conditions. Indeed toes don't escape either! A three-inch heel increases the pressures under the toes by 76%. Heels do indeed lead to Beautiful legs but what a price to pay!! So how do we reduce foot pain associated with high heels? If you must wear high heels use wedges instead that reduce heel and toe pressures.

Wear a support foot orthotic, insole, arch support like Powerstep Slenderfit

Also ideal in flats pumps and if you dare to wear pink in your casual or trainers

Change your shoes during the day or in the evening unwind those tired achy feet legs

Stretch your calf muscles, Achilles' tendons frequently during the day. Happy steps girls from My Foot First