Injury Preventing Orthotics For Athletes

Injury preventing orthotics for the back garden athlete all the way to the elite.

Did you know all sports stars have footwear and insoles shaped to their feet to increase performance? Naturally, this can be done for the top athletes but what about the footwear you use every day.

It may seem odd but the more you move the greater the chance of giving yourself sports injury!

Foot and leg injuries are caused by faulty foot mechanics such as fallen arches, flat feet, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis being speeded up by movement.

These conditions may manifest themselves as tendon or ligament damage, stress fractures, shin splints, calf muscle strain, medial and lateral ankle sprain, hard skin, and callous build up.

Foot orthotics give the foot support, comfort, structure, shock absorption, reducing the incident of stress fractures, and allowing the foot muscles to fire as Nature had intended.

Orthotics or sometimes called arch supports or insoles make up for weaknesses or inefficiencies in your foot working mechanics. Orthotics offer greater shock absorption, give greater foot alignment, reduce foot and leg fatigue, and help the foot bones, ligaments and tendons function in a more energy-efficient manner.

They reduce the risk of over-use injuries, sports injuries, and muscle fatigue Insoles or orthotics reduce inefficient effort, wasted energy resulting in foot fatigue. Orthotics offer corrective alignment, restore proper foot function, speed up muscle firing patterns, and speed up gate allowing you to perform at a higher level for longer periods of time. When you think a run is just a walk speeded up. If you walk inefficiently…You run inefficiently!