Orthotic FAQ's

Here you will find all you need to know about ORTHOTICS.  

If you have any further questions that you need answers to, please, feel free to contact us and we would be more that happy to assist you in choosing the right orthotic to suit you best.

Below are some questions answered to help you to choose the right orthotic for you:

I am standing all day at work and my feet are sore half way through the day. I have bought different shoes throughout the years with little or no difference. What can I get to relieve the discomfort.

Standing for long periods without the correct ARCH and HEEL support puts great pressure on your feet. Unless these are supported correctly you will always have sore and ching feet. A very good ORTHOTIC for this is the ARCHRIGHT FUNCTIONAL or the PINNACLE PINK.

What is an Orthotic?

Orthotic devices are inserts for the shoes which are made to control various types of pain and discomfort (foot, ankle, leg, knee and hip). 

Orthotics are sometimes confused with simple arch supports, but they can do far more than simply support the arch.  They can make standing, walking and running more comfortable by altering the way in which the foot strikes and functions across a walking surface. This is done by controlling and redistributing weight when it is transferred incorrectly as part of some sort of functional abnormality.

Research has shown that back problems frequently can be traced to a foot imbalance. It is just as likely that foot problems are brought about by a back imbalance.

Because orthotics can be used for many types of foot conditions, there are many types of orthotics, made from many types of materials.  What is common to all, however, is that all are concerned with improving foot function and minimizing stress forces that could ultimately cause discomfort and pain.

Can I exercise in them?

You can and you should! When you excercise you put more strain on your feet than usual. We have a wide range of orthotics especially made for a variety of different athletic activities. Check out our Athletic section to find a pair suited to you. 

Can I wash my Orthotics?

Clean with a damp cloth with soap or mild detergent, do not immerse in water, or place in washing machines or dryers, dry at room temperature only.

Will I have to wear them forever?

Yes. The Orthotics are designed to correct a fault with your feet. If you stop using them, your feet will fall into old habits and you will end up with pain or discomfort again.

Will my feet change?

An adults bones will not change, meaning your specific foot condition will not change. However a childs feet will change as they grow older and their bones will fuse. This means they may require a different type of orthotic eventually.

They won't fit into my shoe, What should I do?

Remove the inserts in your shoes and replace with the orthotics. Trim the edges with a scissors if necessary, you may use the original shoe footbed as a template. Remember to only cut sparingly to ensure you do not cut off too much material which may cause the orthotic to slide in your shoe. measure often and cut sparingly.

We recommend you place your orthotics in new shoes to begin and ALWAYS bring your orthotics with you when you are buying new shoes...

How often should I wear my Orthotics?

We recommend you wear your orthotics sparingly for one hour day one, two hours day two and three hours on day three. Please break them in gently and allow your feet to get used to wearing them.

Once you are used to them, you should be wearing them all day through all casual, work, and athletic activities.