About Us


 We at My Foot First have been studying feet for over 20 years. They may be just feet to you... But to us, they are our world!

We offer a very comprehensive range of off the shelf orthotics ready for everyday use...

  • 20 years experience supplying medical orthotics
  • 15 years experience supplying medical grade footwear
  • Friendly Knowledgeable Staff
  • Fast, responsive service
  • Have helped thousands of people walk in comfort again
  • We love feet!

Our orthotics are very well merchandised, offer great value for money, offer highest quality and superior levels of comfort and foot support. Our products are very fashionable, chic and are an excellent accessory to latest footwear fashions. We believe we have made a medical grade orthotic ready for the catwalk! No more waiting in surgeries, just select your orthotic and go...

The way we walk (gait) has a very significant influence on our bodies - do you have fallen arches? Do your ankles roll in when you put pressure through your foot? Have you ever examined the movement of your foot as it strikes the ground?...  

We are very proud that our orthotics make such a positive impact to peoples' health and well being and allow you get on with your  daily lives in comfort. Welcome to our world....

You can reach out to us here:

Email: info@myfootfirst.com


Unit 5, Gort Road Industrial Estate

Gort Road, Ennis

Co. Clare, Ireland

V95 CD6V  

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